Friday, April 22, 2011

Bonding with my sisters at Manila Ocean Park

This is my second visit at Manila Ocean Park, at first I really didn't like to come back and pay for another few hundred bucks that I thought was not worth it. Until sis Chyng Reyes offered 5 tickets promo package tickets in one of the forums we frequently visit and because I wanted my sisters to experience what its like seeing those marine animals I quickly grabbed the chance of buying 3 tickets for me and my 2 sisters.

I dont have high expectations towards MOP. I just wanted my sisters to enjoy this short trip and to my surprise I was the first one to stand up and got excited when the sea lions appeared on site.

My sisters and I enjoyed the Marine Life Show and because of that we wanted to experience what its like to interact with the lovable sea lions so we availed the photo ops offered by the MOP staff. Its worth 500 pesos for 3 pax with 6 different shots that will be saved in a cd. Hmmm I didnt like the quality of the pic taken by their photographer but what the heck we still enjoyed the experience specially when the sea lion kissed my cheeks, like what I always say, sa ngalan ng picture

Second stop is the Marine Life Habitat. We claimed our cd there and had some photo ops with the sea lions again but this time they are inside a big aquarium.

Then we headed to the Jellies (dancing sea fairies). My sisters explored the place and have their own photo session while I was busy taking pictures of the jelly fishes.


After that we bought siopao, siomai and drinks at Henlin that we could bring at the site while waiting for the Musical Fountain Show.


MOP have a 99 pesos promo for the Musical Fountain Show instead of paying 300 pesos for the regular price. I was frustrated because I didnt brought my tripod so I didnt understand what's the show is all about. I just took some fountain pictures and after the show we go straight to the Fish Spa.

Once I dipped my feet inside the pool the fishes swam rapidly towards my feet. I thought I have the most number of calluses because I have the most number of fish while Rizalyn just got few fishes nibling her feet and Jemjem shivers everytime the fishes will bite her feet. After 15 minutes the staff told us it was already our time.

MOP's Fish Spa is located at the second floor near the glass bottom boatride and the shark encounter which we didnt availed, wahhh wala na akong pera.

Its already 740pm when we reached the Oceanarium and our last attraction to visit. Its already late so there are only few people who toured with us. We enjoyed the Buhay na Karagatan section of Oceanarium and since its already late and there are only few people whose inside so we enjoyed taking numerous photos. Jumpshot kung jumpshot, posing kung posing ang mag-aate.


Looking at my younger sisters I can say that they enjoyed the trip, tiring yes but a fun trip and also a glimpse of the major trip that we will have this coming June. We're all excited for that, kailangan ko nga lang ang maghanda para doon.

 mga sisters ko - sana ganito pa rin sila kaliit hanggang ngayon. =)

Again thanks sis Chyng for the super murang ticket, super enjoy ang mga sis ko.


345pm: rode fx going to kalaw
4pm: alight fx at kalaw
410pm: arrival at manila ocean park
 415pm: marine life show entrance
430pm: show starts
5pm: marine habitat entrance
 515pm: Jellies
 545pm: buy food and drinks
 555pm: musical fountain entrance
630pm: musical fountain show starts
720pm: fish spa starts
735pm: fish spa ends
740pm: oceanarium entrance
9pm: mop tour ends


Transportation -fx-                    60 (baclaran-kalaw)
MOP Ultimate Experience -   1500 (3pax)
Marine life show picture           500
food and drinks                       169
Transportation - fx-                   60
Total                                    2289


  1. wow, ingget ako. kiniss ka ng sea lion! =)

    ang bait mong ate. thumbs up!

  2. thanks sis. gusto ko lang ding maexperience nila iyong mga naeexperience ko pag gumagala ako.

    sana next time buong family ko naman pag may bonggang kaperahan ako.