Sunday, April 24, 2011

Intro Dive and Island Hopping at Samal Island

This is our first year anniversary trip and I’m happy that I will get to see my travel friends again and meeting new ones who will join our tour. 

Our organizer, Owen Ferrer of DIYCoron, planned and organized this trip. I am excited because it’s my first time to try diving and touring the whole island of Samal.

Upon reaching Davao airport we proceed to our lodging, left our bags there and just brought the things needed for the tour. 

We proceed to Davao Divers office, our dive and island hopping operator, near Sta. Ana wharf where we will register who among us who will avail their intro dive or just island hopping tour. For the intro dive you have to pay 750 pesos for the first dive and 100 pesos for the succeeding dives.

Then we proceed to Sta. Ana Wharf where our boat is docked.  Kuya Maeng, one of the dive masters of Davao Divers, taught us the different hand signals we have to know during our intro dive. He also told us to relax and enjoy the moment when we are at the bottom of the sea. Don’t panic and signal our DM if we encounter problems during our dive. 
I was a bit scared because I don’t know how to swim and I have a minor phobia because I was nearly drowned when I was young. But since there’s a dive master who will look after me and it’s a different experience seeing the corals up close and we will have a photo and a video during our intro dive I decided not to back out and joined the gang sa ngalan ng picture!


We passed by the island called Vanishing Island. It’s like Lu-li island at Hunda Bay Palawan.
Vanishing island (credits to my friend Kelly)

Then we proceed to Aundanao diving si te and we had our first dive there.  

After diving we proceed to Hayahay Resort to take our lunch and rest for awhile.

We had our second dive at a diving site near Cannibad cove. 

I'm glad I tried this activity and I'm hoping that someday I wont panic and just enjoy the superb view underwater and of course be a certified diver, hehehe wish ko lang. =)

Contact number

Kuya Maeng of Davao Divers - 09164460841

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